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Tte. Weiler 9999 Esquina 15 de Agosto
San Bernadino San Bernadino 00000

+59 598 389 9528


logo transparencia

Villa María is the return to the genuine, to the traditional, to the memories of a time that passed, but we want to relive. San Bernardino is the setting where the architecture that gave rise to the town still persists and is combined with lush vegetation framed by hills and the wonderful Ypacarai Lake. We seek to raise awareness of the care and enhancement of the cultural and natural heritage of Paraguay.



María is the Paraguayan woman, the one who transmits the traditions that in turn were transmitted to her by her mother, her grandmother and her aunts. These women manage to create a delicious new culture that mixes the traditions of the old continent brought by their ancestors with the most indigenous customs and ingredients of our Guaraní culture.





We are a Villa where each house represents a family of Mary, each one with its spirit and personality.

In Villa Maria we have two houses; Del Val and La Lilia. The houses are approximately 100 meters away.


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